Sesi senaman minda pada pagi selasa ini yang bertarikh 20/7/2016 dengan membayangkan seandainya kita berada didalam situasi Hamba B didalam gambar rajah dibawah.

Kehidupan yang bagaimana yang harus dilalui Hamba B selpas kejadian itu, Dan apa jenis nilai yang dapat mereka wujudkan untuk disumbangkan pada dunia yang membolehkan mereka menggandakan pendapatan mereka?
Andaikata situasi yang sama terjadi pada Hamba A, baki pampasan yang diterima, Mereka mungkin akan membelanjakannya dan siapa tahu, kemungkinan mereka diberikan kenaikkan pangkat, keinginan untuk membuat ‘marketing’.

Kesimpulannya, Sekiranya anda dapat mengawal situasi tersebut, ia membuktikan yang anda berpotensi menyerlahkan bakat yang terpendam, atau mengubah kehidupan anda dengan nikmat yang dikurniakan. 😊
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Mengenal Pasti Nilai Pemodalan

Bayar bulan-bulan, dah 2 tahun tengok simpanan ada RM80 je..kata sekali simpanan. Simpanan apa bendenya ni… 
Pernah anda melaungkan cogan kata diatas?
Mengenal Pasti Nilai Pemodalan.
Kenapa? Menerokai kenapa “simpanan” tidak semestinya bermaksud simpanan.
Bagaimana? Mengetahui bagaimana ketidakpastian dalam hidup dan pengurusan kewangan boleh dijadikan satu kebaikan.
Apa? Apa yang patut anda tahu bagi merealisasikan persaraan anda dengan bergaya. 

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HP No : 010-4057055

A-Life Signature-i

All these years, you have been their provider and protector. You’ve wiped away every tear. Comforted and strenghtened them in tough times. Family is not just an important thing, it’s everything.

Introducing A-Life Signature-i, an investment-link takaful plan designed for the one you love most. Choose the period of coverage and amount you want to pay every month. With additional optional benefits, you are also protected against critical illnesses.

Don’t let little things get in the way of big plans. Give your family the future they deserve. With A-Life Signature-i, you are helping to lay a strong financial future for all their tomorrows.



Opportunity In The Gloom 

Opportunity In The Gloom 

As we witness today, the government will reward the kind of greed and ignorance that sparked the subprime mess with billions of donation package. Instead of heeding the warnings of the markets, the incompetent and irresponsible get bonus checks. Small wonder the country has money problems. the world markets will no longer recognize us as a financially responsible country, and we won’t be able to maintain our financial and economic supremacy. In short, the end really is near.Worse, as the empire in decline, none of the leading individual even mentions this potential downgrading of credit worthiness as a problem. 

Do I think other parties would do a better job than the current Government? No. I have no confidence in either party or the current processes of government to tackle this issue. The problems have grown too big and are beyond our control.
All empires come to an end, and the Malaysian is no exception. We’ve swept too many domestic problems under the rug, and paid for our greedy consumption with money borrowed around the world. The end isn’t just near, it’s inevitable.
Few Solutions in Bad Times
In less than three years, the first of approximately 70mil Malaysian will turn 55. No government can change that, so until someone discovers the fountain of youth the end is not far away. In a few years, the Malaysian government will begin to operate in the red, paying for campaign promises made years ago by politicians who are no longer in power.
Do the math. If 70mil contributor begin collecting RM1,000 a month in Social Security and Medicare benefits, that comes to RM7billion in additional monthly spending. That’s a lot more than the one-time RMxx billion stimulus package.

The Gloom

Do I see doom and gloom ahead? Absolutely. But I also see tremendous opportunities made possible by the impending murk. Does the RM value drops validates your current investment strategies?
Regardless of what our national credit rating is, people will always want a roof over their heads, food on their tables, fuel for their cars, and clothes on their backs. Instead of betting on the Current ruler or the opposition to take care of me, I would rather count on myself to guide me through the coming years. it as my personal responsibility to invest wisely in the equities of strong companies, commodities, and minimize my taxes.
The people I’m concerned about are the ones who are watching their retirement accounts dropping in value with the stock market, and their purchasing power decline as the dollar drops.

Why Operate In One Quadrant Leads to Debt??

Why Operate In One Quadrant Leads to Debt??

The main reason that 90 percent of the population financially stressed out is that they operate only in one vehicle with zero ROI and often end up with lots of expenses and may fall into debt whenever they received their paycheck.This means they must cling ever tighter to a job, and some cases even after retirement just to pay the bills.

I often meet young fresh graduate who receive their college degree along with the PTPN loans. Several of them told me that they’re depressed when they see that they are in debt thousands and thousands of ringgit for their college education. If their parents paid the bill, then the parents are financially strapped for years.
Most Malaysians today will be in debt for the rest of their lives.

Searching for Financial Freedom
Many people spend their lives in search of security or freedom, but wind up instead working beyond retirement. It’s a long and vicious cycle of discontent. In my opinion, you should make a serious effort not to find a new job if you’re unhappy, but to begin moving or diversify to different quadrant.
A new attitude process must begin.

A New Pattern for Financial Freedom

Instead of just putting money into retirement account and hoping for the best, people should feel confident in whichever quadrant they choose.
I suggest learning to diversify and operate in more than one quadrant. no matter how much money people make, they will feel more secure if they operate in more than one quadrant.


A Choice of Paths 

Most people choose the path of security without protection. When the economy starts wobbling, they cling ever more desperately to security and wind up spending their lives in the office.
At a minimum, I recommend becoming aware in financial secure, which is feeling confident about your job and feeling confident about your ability to invest in good and bad times. take control of your financial destiny.

Let’s figure it out together and its about time to take control of your financial protection..
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Perlindungan Takaful Yang Perlu Dimiliki Oleh Semua Lapisan Masyarakat.

Perlindungan Takaful Yang Perlu Dimiliki Oleh Semua Lapisan Masyarakat.



🔗 Membolehkan anda melanjutkan pelan kepada pasangan dan/atau anak-anak anda. Dibenarkan melanjutkan perlindungan sehingga maksimum 4 orang anak.

🔗 Kad Perubatan dengan ciri “just swipe” untuk memudahkan lagi process kemasukkan dan pelepasan anda di hospital.

🔗 Tiada ko-takaful untuk jumlah tuntutan dan keluarga anda akan sentiasa diuruskan dengan ciri Tiada Had Seumur Hidup.




•(22-29 tahun)~RM852.00

•(30-39 tahun)~RM1,020.00

•(40-45 tahun)~RM1,320.00

•(46-49 tahun)~RM1,704.00



•(22-29 tahun)~RM912.00

•(30-35 tahun)~RM1,044.00

•(36-39 tahun)~RM1,200.00

•(41-45 tahun)~RM1,596.00

🔗 PakejSuamidanIsteri


•(22-29 tahun)~RM1,764.00

•(30-35 tahun)~RM2,064.00

•(36-39 tahun)~RM2,220

•(41-45 tahun)~RM2,916.00

🔗Pakej Bapa dan Anak-Anak

🔗Pakej Ibu dan Anak-Anak



•(22-29 tahun)~RM4,476.00

•(30-35 tahun)~RM4,776.00

•(36-39 tahun)~RM4,932.00

•(41-45 tahun)~RM5,628.00

•(46-49 tahun)~RM6,492.00 

•(51-54 tahun)~RM7,128.00

Kita rasa kita sihat waktu ni, kita boleh berjalan, kita boleh ketawa ~ tapi esok2 dengan sekelip mata tanpa kita sedar kita x mampu menikmati kehidupan dengan sebaiknya dan seperti yang diharapkan…Renung-renungkan

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Are you seeking for a short pay savings plan that provides scheduled income to support your life stage needs? 








Do you have plans to achieve certain milestones in life such as early retirement, putting your children through college or going for Hajj, Umrah or ziarah?

Realising your goals through AEnrichGoldi, a first of its kind short pay savings plan that offers both Lifestyle Benefit and potential growth in funds invested. 

A-EnrichGold-i is a Shariah-Compliant 25 years Takaful coverage product which offers a combination of Ordinary Family Takaful packaged with A-Plus Enhancer-i, a compulsory Investment-Linked scheduled Top Up rider with limited Contribution payment term of 10 years. 

Combined with Takaful coverage of at least 200% of your Basic Sum Covered upon on death and Total & Permanent Disability plus Maturity Benefit, AEnrichGold-i is designed to help support your financial needs to achieve your life goals. 

A-EnrichGold-i can give you :

Contribution Payment Term

  • Just 10 years of Contribution payment allows you to enjoy benefits up to 25 years

Maturity Benefit

  • When your plan reaches maturity at the 25th Certificate year, you will receive lump sum of 120% of your Basic Sum Covered.

Increasing Lifestyle Benefit

You can enjoy a Guaranteed Cash Value scheduled Lifestyle Benefit of 

  1. 5% of your Basic Sum Covered starting from end of 2nd Certificate Year
  2. increases to 8% from the end of 11th Certificate Year until the end of 20th Certificate Year, 
  3. and 12% from the end of 21st Certificate Year until maturity.

The increasing Lifestyle Benefit (LB) are as follow : 

Potential Growth on Fund Investment

  1. You can enjoy potential investment gains via AIA PUBLIC’s Investment Funds.
  2. For every Contribution amount paid, 30% of the Contribution will be allocated for APlusEnhancer-i. This amount will be used to purchase units in the chosen fund(s) at 95% allocation rate.

Flexibility in Savings

  1. You have the option of topping up your savings when you have extra money.
  2. You can withdraw the money when you need it.
  3. You can also switch your Funds according to your risk tolerance level

AIA PUBLIC Investment Fund(s)



Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.12.13 PM
Guarantee Cash Back Return